Blogs outrank social networks for consumer influence

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And the question you may be asking yourself is why? Although consumers may spent a larger portion of their time on social networks; the trust, influence, response and follower-ship of a blog far outweigh those of social media networks.


Technocrati’s 2013 Digital Influence report shows that consumers are turning to blogs when deciding on a purchase.


Here are a couple of findings from the report:

1.) Blogs Influence Consumers’ Purchasing Decisions

Blogs are the third most influential digital resource (31%) when making overall purchases, behind retail sites (56%) and brand sites (34%). They rank higher than Twitter for shaping consumers opinions and higher than LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, and Google+ for motivating purchasing decisions.


Trust is a large part of the reason why blogging is so influential. As bloggers tend to provide “honest” reviews of products by outlining positives and negatives of the brand/product/service; they become a “trusted” source of information for consumers. By providing advice, these bloggers become influential partially because consumers trust their guidance.


purchase influence


2.) Top Social Media Influencers Blog for Themselves

86% of influencer’s blog. From this, 88% of bloggers blog for themselves and just over half (59%) of these bloggers don’t produce much content outside of their own blog. Basically, this sums up that influential bloggers are committed to blogging over Facebook, Twitter, Vine etc.


As influencer’s continue to blog the community around their advice grows, to the point where an influencer can shift the opinions of 1000’s. For example, if you are the “tech guru” within your group of friends, your opinion/ advice about a product like a laptop may shift their perspective/ thoughts on that item/brand. Your reach may be a group of 10 5 friends where as a blogger may have a following of 1000’s.

3.) Cultivation of a sense of community, conversation and collaboration

Not only does blogging create a community of users interested in a certain topic, but the conversations started and collaboration between users also create value and help build strong relationships. The culmination of numerous peoples opinions, perspectives and expertise gives a user looking for information, a well rounded source-bank of data. Through this overload of information users are then able to come to their own judgement, having gained the aid of other users opinions.




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