Key account contract analysis

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This analysis of a Key Account Contract has been created to identify what are the three key elements within a contract itself.


The assignment has definitely helped foster the skills and abilities needed to excel in the workplace. The main element/ takeaway from this lies in analytical ability. Being able to first comprehend the detail of a contract and analyze the copious amounts of information itself is a process. In order for the assignment to hold any value, one had to be able to garner enough insights in order to pose valuable questions that highlight gaps for the potential signee.


Additionally, if multiple contracts need to be drawn up and agreed upon by both parties during a negotiation process, this analytical approach helps grow a negotiation skill set for readers.  Reading and seeing contract development between businesses really gives the audience insight into the different styles of which business representatives will approach the negotiation process in pursuit of an agreed upon median.  Being aware of multiple approaches to negotiations will only help the reader become more prepared for their own future business negotiations.


From an employer’s standpoint, the skill of targeting key points of information and analyzing ample amounts of information with quick turnaround is a valuable asset in any employee. With an ever-changing, global marketplace employers are looking for those who can analyze information within an efficient time-frame.



Contact Aaron at or @abhawan for the password to download this report.


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