Leadership interview

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As a future leader, it is important to gain knowledge and insight from others who are in leadership positions. In this assignment we were asked to select a person and interview him/ her.



“The theory behind this assignment is not only to “get the answers”, but also to identify someone whom you think would be a good role model. Try to learn as much about this person’s leadership capability, style, approach, experience etc as possible. Significant learning often results through purposeful reflection. Reflecting upon our reactions to leaders we respect and admire provides us a mirror for our thinking and acting.


The learning from the interview, reflected upon, provide important insights into who we are, what we feel, believe and value, and how we lead. These insights help us decide what works and what does not work for us within the context of our own leadership style and beliefs. This assignment is meant to assist you in connecting what you learn from your leadership interview with the content of this course.”



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