McDonalds: Social Sentiment & Competitor Analysis

Market Research


A social listening report on youth career sentiment; comparing McDonalds to other QSR’s across Canada before narrowing the scope to Alberta.


McDonalds Canada has had difficulty recruiting youth talent across Canada and especially in the province of Alberta. Not only have other QSR’s attracted the talent of young people but menial labor jobs have also enticed youth due to low barriers of entry and rising wages. As such McDonalds were looking into creating a recruitment strategy that revolved around the keyword ‘#McJob’.

The Result

Results of the social listening report illustrated the negative connotation behind the word ‘McJob’ along with the overwhelming negative stigma youth and the media have of McDonalds. Much of this spawned from foreign worker scandals and unliveable wages. The recommendation provided was to not move forward with recruitment idea that centred around ‘McJob’.