Piracy pirates & how Canada is full of them

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In our final debate we covered the glorious topic of Piracy. Canada is filled with piracy pirates and since there is no such thing as an original idea, should copyrights be abolished?


In taking a stance against piracy the following key points were communicated:

  • Piracy and copyright infringement create a loss of confidence & prestige for the stolen material.
  • From the years of 2008 – 2011 there has been a 2.1 billion loss in CAD Revenues.
  • $118 million in music recording: LOSS
  • $890 million in the film industry: LOSS
  • $1.1 billion in the software industry: LOSS
  • +100,000’s of jobs lost.
  • Canada = A safe haven for piracy & here are some stats about us:
    • 50% of all pirated movies come from Canada.
    • More than 80% of Canadians have admitted to downloading illegal content.
    • Governments are laggards in introducing bills and acts to protect against piracy.


Canadians bill against piracy has not yet clarified ISP’s responsibilities, creating a loophole for “pirates”.



In challenging the idea that piracy is not a problem, the following was noted:

  • Only the most popular works are pirated and those musicians, tech companies etc. are already cleaning house on the revenue front.
    • E.g. Adobe’s latest version of Photoshop broke multiple sales records even though it was heavily pirated.
  • The revenue is gained through popularity, whether or not that popularity is gained through legal or illegal downloads is irrelevant.
  • The “new generation” of kids, teens, and young adults’ interests are larger and more widespread than before and they don’t have the funds for everything.
  • Piracy “essentially” is not stealing: An intangible good with zero cost being shared again = zero cost.
  • Small fries won’t be pirated anyways so who cares about the big guys.


My final thought


Piracy is a huge issue that isn’t going to go away. Although numerous steps can be taken to slow down progress and stifle it to a certain extent, corporations need to turn their focus towards creative solutions for additional revenue streams such as the freemium model for smartphone apps.


We also live in a time and age where new content is being created and distributed hourly through email, social networks, Skype, smartphone apps etc. From large scale corporations to local musicians one must find ways to added additional value to your product. A CD and advertising no longer suffices.  Fans expect constant twitter interaction, Instagram pictures of your life, vlogs, free music (mixtapes) etc.


Your product (creative revenue stream + added value +extra content) = $$$

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