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During my time as both a sales manager & customer service manager,  a portion of my day was always dedicated to the cumbersome task of… reviewing resumes. Whether it be combing through an email inbox filled with PDF attachments or flipping through pages of black and white resume papers; to say this was not the least favourite part of my day would be an understatement.


Now, it wasn’t that I didn’t enjoy reviewing potential applicants, it was that no one ever really stood out as almost every persons resume looked inherently the same.


But that is about to change with the introduction of (pronounced review). As a personalized landing page site such as or Nogen0, differs from the rest by focusing on one key aspect, your career. combines the traditional aspects of your resume with visually captivating imagery; you could call it an interactive, infographic resume.


A timeline that outlines your career, a skill proficiency graph, vital stats and quotes from colleagues or clients are just a few of the many sections that can be showcased on your page and with its LinkedIn importer, creation of a page is quick & simple. I was able to create a basic page in about 10 mins. using the importer and in less than an hour I had a pretty nifty page.


Now, outside the beautiful presentation the reason you should be sending out your page instead of a resume is this:


It stands out from the sea of typical resumes, projects a splash of your personality and shows YOU to be a forward thinker. 


I would much rather review numerous pages then a stack of resumes. Not only does a page contain all the relevant information found in a resume but each page gives some insight into the personality of the job seeker; something that you cannot find in a traditional resume. Whether this be through the custom background image or the vital stats a person chooses to highlight, each person has the ability to add a “dash” of there personality to the page through customization.


The bottom line: In a land of increased competition job seekers are always looking to gain an advantage and is definitely “all that and a bag of chips”.


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