Why businesses need social media automation

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Now before I get into this let me make one thing clear; there is a difference between automation and AUTOPILOT. Automation does not mean flipping a switch and letting your online efforts run through a autoscript or bot, it means preparing ahead of time and having a catalog of content to push when the time is right.


Although a lot of businesses have some type of online presence today it is almost impossible for a small business to be connected to it’s blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn etc. all day. Not only do most not have the resources to  hire someone to take care of their social media, but it is impossible to stay connected 24/7 providing content, connecting with others, responding to comments etc.


So what do you do… AUTOMATE!


Here are some tips on how to do it:


Blog Posts: There is no point sitting in front of your computer waiting for the best time to post your blog. If you use WordPress use the built in scheduler to post a specific time/date.


Sharing of posts to Social Media networks: I personally love HootSuite for this. Instead of going to my Facebook, Twitter, and multiple LinkedIn pages/groups; I use the HootSuite dashboard to push my blogs posts to all these networks at once. Additionally, I can schedule the content to be pushed on a certain date/time on different networks.


Tweeting worthy content: Again, something I use HootSuite for. Anytime I come across great content on the web, instead of using a website’s sharing buttons I use HootSuite’s Hootlet to post the content to all my networks. The added benefit: I can shrink page URL’s to take up less characters and I can auto-schedule the tweet for optimal impact.



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